Repairing a smartphone can be very expensive, especially when it comes to those resulting from the replacement of the screen by breakage. This means that a lot of users by the spare parts in online stores and try to fix the issue by themselves more so if the user has no guarantee because even though is more complex the user can save a lot of money.

The Glass vs The Whole Screen: Learn the Difference.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure which piece of the phone has broken. If you turn on the phone and test the touch zones and it responds correctly it means that only the glass has been broken. You can also observe if the LCD shows the correct colors or if presents an issue like black or purple spots as well as horizontal or vertical lines.


In case that you turn on the phone and the touch screen does not work properly, the screen shows some stain or it is completely black, it means that the LCD has also been damaged and you must have to change the whole screen.

How To Repair My Samsung Galaxy S5 Glass?

  • Step 1: Separate the screen from the chassis.

To have a clean and a finish repair that looks professional we chose to separate the screen from the chassis due to the composition of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The screen of this kind of Samsung usually come very well stuck to the chassis and the Galaxy S5 is not an exception. To separate the LCD from the frame we use a machine with heat to separate LCD. In a matter of minutes, we should have detached the entire screen of the chassis without suffering any damage, in a simple and fast way.

  • Step 2: Separate the LCD crystal.

The next step is to separate the broken glass from the LCD. There are different techniques and methods. We use a machine to shorten the time of repair. Be careful,  these first two steps are the most complex and risky because you can end up damaging the LCD. Therefore it is necessary to have a refined technique and sufficient knowledge to perform the repair without damaging more components. We recommend that if you do not feel capable in the process, go to a professional technician as it is quite likely that the LCD will be damaged in the process.

  • Step 3: Clean the LCD.

There are remains of OCA after having separated the crystal. We have to clean all the residues of the LCD so that it is completely clean. We can do this with a wet wipe. Always pour the liquid on the wipe and never directly on the LCD.


  • Step 4: Stick the glass with instant glue and dry with UV light.

We are close to leaving the glass of our Samsung Galaxy S5 as new. We put instant glue on the LCD and put the new glass on top. We let the glue coat the screen completely and then put it under UV light so the glue dries under UV rays. We leave it in the light for a few minutes to dry well.

  • Step 5: Stick on the chassis.

Finally, we have to glue the repaired screen in the chassis and for this we use adhesive. The final result of the Samsung Galaxy S5 should be like new. Thanks to the use of instant glue during the repair, since without the glue we would be eliminating a layer of the screen and in the future dirt would get between the glass and the LCD.

Thinking About Repairing The Whole Screen Of Your Samsung Galaxy S5? Think Twice.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may not be so profitable to repair by yourself because the access to the interior of the smartphone is extremely complicated.

Is not a secret that the facility to repair the model Samsung S5 is rather low.

 From the point of view of disassembly, it’s not at all promising. At first, disarming the outermost parts of the casing is not that complicated: The battery is removable and the back cover can be easily removed, but the work becomes more uncomfortable as interior pieces, such as the plate and the screen itself that are retained.


The dismantling of the screen is extremely complex.

Especially when it comes to taking off the strong adhesive that holds the display. For such a process a source of intense heat is required to avoid breakage and, once peeled off, it is necessary to apply another new adhesive strip. If we add to this detail that to access any other component inside the Samsung Galaxy S5 is necessary to disassemble the screen, we can intuit that any repair is somewhat delicate.

 But not impossible, so if you are ready to repair your Samsung Galaxy S5 be sure to follow our steps and tips.