An iPhone is definitely one of the best smartphones in the market. The iPhone 7 offers a bright screen, waterproof design, dual speakers, and a boosted 12MP camera. Apple knows how to put together a smartphone but like any gadget, it can have some issues and failures in its performance.

Sound issues including distorted audio or no sound at all are usually linked to a problem on the microphone or pertinent hardware components in a device. But there were also other reported cases where the software is to blame. Audio problems can happen to various types of electronic devices including mobile phones like the iPhone 7. Avalon tech joint experts follow a quick & convenient repair process.

If you are one of the users of the iPhone 7 having trouble with the headset, then you should consider reading this entire post to learn why audio problems can occur in your device and what should be done in order to get it fixed without paying for tech services.

Is your iPhone causing trouble at the moment of receiving or making a call?

If you can’t hear anything or the sound on the other side of the line when you try to speak is distorted, it probably means that the earpiece of your iPhone 7 has been damaged this could happen due to the accumulation of dirt and dust in the headset and if that’s the case the earpiece ends up with failures or stops working.

how to repair your iphone 7 earpiece

How to make a replacement of your iPhone 7 earpiece?

Users might be forced to pay for repairs because of the earpiece damaged occurring outside the warranty period. In case your iPhone 7 earpiece needs to be changed and you are planning to do it by yourself you need to be careful of not damaging the phone itself. Follow this guide where we show you step by step how to successfully repair the iPhone 7 earpiece.

Before you begin performing any of the following steps, try to determine the possible cause beforehand. To do so, try to think of what has happened before the first symptoms started to show up. If you are positive that you need to repair and reassemble the headset you are in the right place continue to read this guide to learn how to repair your iPhone.

Step 1. You have to remove the screen from your iPhone. Remember to turn off your phone before you start to disassembly. To remove the screen use a screwdriver to remove the 2 lower screws on the bottom of your iPhone 7.

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Step 2. Use a suction cup to lift the iPhone screen. To do this,  place the suction cup close to the home button area but without overlapping to prevent any seal between the suction cup and the glass. Remember to pull carefully and not to pull hard so you don’t damage the connectors. Avoid the factors that increase iPhone repair costs.

A good recommendation to follow when lifting the screen of your iPhone 7 is to apply heat with a hairdryer on the lower side of the phone, this would help to ease the display and order to make it possible to open by softening the adhesive. You can apply heat for a minute until the adhesive gets soft. And If you’re having a hard time opening a gap you can move the screen up and down to weaken the adhesive.

Step 3. Remove the other screws that cover the connectors. Once you lift the screen you can use a screwdriver to remove the screws and lift the iron on the right side and unhook it from the left side.

Remember to keep track of every screw when you are repairing your phone and make sure it goes back exactly where it came from to avoid damaging your iPhone.

Step 4. Disconnect the flex. After removing the metal plate, proceed to disconnect the three flexes of the screen.

Step 5. Remove the screen from the rest of the iPhone and continue to remove the 2 screws that hold the metal sheet that covers the front camera. Once the metal sheets are removed you can finally remove the earpiece to reassemble the new headset.

 Step 6. Assemble all the removed parts but in reverse in order to reassemble the new headset successfully.

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Remember to be very careful and have patience in the repairing process so you don’t damage any piece or flex and be sure to test your iPhone, ipod or iPad sound to see if the problem has been fixed after performing all the steps.