If your Galaxy S7 screen broke and you need to know how to change your Galaxy S7  screen because it has been dropped and broken. You’re lucky! We bring you an easy tutorial,  step by step explaining how to repair the S7 screen.

If you’re replacing the battery and the screen at the same time. We recommend removing the battery, SIM tray, and motherboard. This is not necessary, but it does make heating the phone safer.

You can replace the display while leaving the original frame, logic board, and the battery in place. Some replacement screens for this phone come pre-installed in a new frame, which requires you to transplant all of your phone’s internals and install a new battery. So make sure you have the correct part before starting.

Opening your phone will compromise its waterproof seals. Have replacement adhesive ready before you proceed, or take care to avoid liquid exposure if you reassemble your phone without replacing the adhesive.


Step 1. Apply heat

In order to warm the glue that binds the pieces, we have to apply heat on the S7. The ideal temperature is about 260 degrees for 20 or 30 seconds. You can use a hairdryer, heat gun, or hot plate but you have to be careful not to overheat the phone and not to cause heat damage.

To remove the screen we have to apply heat on the back of the mobile. You may need to reheat and reapply several times to get the phone warm enough.

Step 2. Take off the back cover:


To disassemble the broken screen of the S7, we have to remove the back cover first after the back panel is warm to the touch. We will do it with the help of a suction cup, as close to the heated edge of the phone as you can while avoiding the curved edge.

Use a blade and a pick. Lift on the suction cup and insert an opening pick under the rear glass. Separate it little by little from the rest of the phone. Do it carefully because the rear glass can break if you use too much force or attempt to pry with metal tools.

If you see that it does not work out, you can apply more heat to further soften the adhesive so that it will take off more easily. The adhesive cools very fast, so you may need to heat it repeatedly.

If the phone’s back cover is cracked, the suction cup may not stick. Try lifting it with strong tape, or superglue the suction cup in place and allow it to cure so you can proceed.

Step 3.Remove the screws from the middle frame:

Once you have removed the back of your S7, what you have to do is remove the 12 screws that are in the middle frame. Be ordered and remember where you removed them and then put them back in their place.

If the frame is damaged or bent, it’s important to replace it, or else the new screen may not mount correctly and can suffer damage from uneven pressure.

Step 4.Disconnect the battery from the S7:

Use the plastic tool to remove the flex and disconnected the battery from the Galaxy S7


Step 5. Disconnect the flex:

Now you will have to remove the flex:

-Side push button

-Proximity sensor


-Frontal camera

-AMOLED panel connector

-Switched on

-Home button

-and the two phone antennas.

Step 6. Remove the motherboard from the S7:

When you have all the flex of the S7 Edge removed, with the help of the spudger, remove the base plate of the phone. Disconnect it from the load flex and save it for the new screen.

Step 7. Remove the battery:

When you have removed the base plate of the phone, the proximity sensor, earphone and vibrator and then you can continue to remove the audio jack and reserve it for the new screen.

Step 8. Remove the broken screen and take the new S7 screen:


We take the new screen of the Galaxy S7. Remove the broken screen from the S7 Edge and take the new one. Now is the time to put all the elements that we have been retiring. Place the battery, the proximity sensor, the handset, and the vibrator. Then the motherboard and the audio jack. Put the motherboard in place then we proceed to connect the flex.

Step 9. Check that the screen of the S7 works correctly

Before closing the phone, we check that the new screen works correctly. When you have checked that the new screen works correctly, turn it off again and place the middle frame. If it does not work you will have to repeat the previous steps. We place the middle frame and the back cover and apply heat with them and put it in its place.


We have to remember that the process of separating the display from the frame usually destroys the display, so don’t follow this guide unless you intend to replace the display.

Finally, we turn on the phone and check that everything works correctly. And enjoy our phone