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Helpful Tips For iPhone Water Damage Repair


An iPhone is a device with a touchscreen interface, also known as a smartphone from Apple. The gadget has a computer, iPod, digital camera and a cellular phone all put together. iPhone has an operating system, and several apps are available for the device. Due to the phones complex features and operations, the iPhone is expensive, and it needs proper care. But here are some helpful tips for iPhone water damage repair.

However, one may accidentally drop the gadget in the water while swimming, doing laundry or any other way. Water causes a lot of internal damage to the phone, and the following tips are helpful to prevent or even correct the damage:

Not turning on the water damaged iPhone

Turning on an iPhone when wet, will short out the logic board, which will add to its repair costs or ultimately damage the phone. One must avoid turning it on, much as it is irresistible. For your broken iPhone screen choose only Hamilton phone repair shops services.

Do not use hair drier, microwave or stove to dry the iPhone

Majority of the people use this type of method to dry a wet phone as an immediate remedy, not knowing the damage the action causes. A hair drier, microwave or stove only spreads the water into other parts of the phone and then evaporates it.

Helpful Tips For iPhone Water Damage Repair

The moisture eventually makes the phone to rust hence damaging it. The logic board may also be spoilt by excess heat from the driers and microwaves. Stay updated with mobile Lcd display price as it keeps changing. Our experts can help you with your tablet repair as well.

Remove the sim card and battery immediately

One should remove the sim card and battery immediately from the phone and shake off the excess water from it. Water can cause damage to the sim cards internal damage, leaving the battery on also means the continuation of power supply and hence may cause a short circuit. Avalon Tech Joint have technicians who can fix your device and you can be on your way in no time.

Put the iPhone in a bag of dry rice for 2-7 days

Dry rice has the ability to absorb excess water from the phone. one should also place the battery and sim card in the bag of rice for the same reason as the phone. After the phone has been in the rice long enough, return the battery and plug it on the charger. These helpful tips for iPhone water damage repair will help you curb your problem up to great extent.

If the power signal shows, there is a chance that the phone will boost itself back when there is enough charge. We provide affordable and quick iPhone repair services.

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If the charging symbol does not show, return the phone in the bag of rice for another two days and repeat the plugging process without attempting to switch it on. If after all mobile phone repairs in Hamilton processes the phone does not still show anything, it may mean permanent damage has occurred. Apple’s secrets are hard to keep.

Consult a repair expert

If the iPhone is still under Apple warranty, one should call the Apple care center where they can get a replacement at a subsidized cost. If alternatively, one bought the phone with a credit card that offers protection, then they will get some money back or a replacement for free. Make sure you don’t miss to check out our for sale items. Book your appointment for apple fix today.


Water damage on an iPhone may sometimes be irreversible hence very costly since one may need to buy a new device altogether. To avoid such losses, one should keep the iPhone away from water as much as possible.

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