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Apple Fix New Zealand

The trusted apple repair center in Hamilton is called Apple fix. Fast and affordable repair solutions are offered by them on ipads, iPhones, Macs, iPods and Mac books. They also offer services on charging port repairs, cracked screen replacement component soldering and old case replacement. Their repairs are intended to give a brand new look and perfect functionality to all gadgets. Apple fix New Zealand has an aim of giving fast, reliable and friendly services in the area for residential customers and the small business owners.

 This is achieved through involving the experienced technicians and computer networking engineers to do the work. A friendly team offering a comprehensive range of services on repair is what anyone would wish to get.  Whether it is a busted screen or a or charging issues, apple fix uses the original parts as well as the components. The most experienced Avalon Tech Joint staff with the best training are able to serve all clients to their satisfaction.


Apple fix New Zealand Warranty repairs are done free of charge and that includes labor and parts. This is based on the terms and conditions of the apple limited warranty for the product. Choose phone repair shops in Hamilton to fix your smartphones. Apple fix offers generalized services like in-warranty repairs, data transfers, non-warranty work insurance quotes and fault diagnosis.

Apple Fix New Zealand

They respond to the pressing need for a client to have a fully functional phone or any other gadget needed within a short frame of time. This is done by giving the repair options and pricing over a phone call and the work is tackled within a short time.


One must show proof of purchase before any warranty repairs are done. We are the best when it comes to iPhone repair services. Any faults detected that are not included in the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions will undergo a minimum billing rate.

The client will give approval for any other chargeable work. The non-warranty faults include software, cleaning, spillage, viruses and impact damage. The owner should back up their data prior to the logging into the computer. The data safety or integrity is however not an area of warranty. Book your appointment now.

Apple Fix New Zealand

Repair quotations are subject to raise if there are more faults detected but they are not repaired before the consent of the user of the gadget. Some faults can be repaired during the diagnosis and they are done free of charge. We can also help with replacing of cell phone screens in Hamilton.

They are able to not only diagnose but also repair most software faults which is a common phenomenon on devices. This is done through Mac OS, watch OS, IOS and tvOS. Apple does not offer modules or parts for iPod or iPad in New Zealand and a whole unit exchange is used for the products as the official apple repair strategy.

It is better to have your repairs handled by apple fix instead of having it done by some unknown people. This is because there is a guarantee of high-quality services; time-saving, safety and security are not a threat. Apple gadgets are of advanced technology and other people do not have the required skills to repair them and considering their cost, you don’t want someone to tamper with them. Don’t forget to check out our tablet repairs services.

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