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About Our Team

We are located at 3/32 Avalon Drive in Nawton, Hamilton. We provide same day service on most repairs and our premium service is available for iPhone 6 and 6S, in which case we can do screen repair in 10 minutes.

We Repair All Brands

Process and Turnaround

Online estimate/quote

  • You can always request for the estimate repair cost of your faulty smartphone or device before bringing it to us. To request quote contact us via “Request a Quote” provided below.

Please be aware that any quotes provided online or over the phone without a physical inspection of your device should be treated as indicative only. However, we guarantee the cheapest price for all your repairs.

Drop off-device service

  • For inspection and repairs of your faulty device, you can drop off the device to our store.

Inspection and Quote Confirmation

  • Once we receive your device we inspect to find out the nature of cause and confirm the cost for repairs. This inspection process does not take much time if you bring the device to our store.

Repair Process

  • Once we thoroughly inspect your faulty device and confirm the estimated cost of all repairs and authority to proceed with the repair job, we will complete the repair process as soon as possible. Most repairs are done instantly but for few, it may take some time depending on the availability of parts in case we need to order from overseas

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